Eddie Van Halen

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Eddie Van Halen

Post by Kitty »

Van Halen has died at 65 from cancer. :cry:
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Re: Eddie Van Halen

Post by BettyLouSpence »

Wow. Just heard about this. Was not expecting this. Rip :(
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Re: Eddie Van Halen

Post by donnie »

RIP. I never really listened to EVH enough to know his distinctive style. But here is an interesting related video I ran across.

What if another famous guitarist had played the iconic guitar solo in Stairway to Heaven instead of Jimmy Page? Here is an interesting video showing how it might have sounded if Peter Frampton or Eddie Van Halen or Eric Johnson had played it.

Some really good guitar work here. I think I actually like the Frampton one best. If interested in comparing, what is your favorite? (You can skip to ~5:30 for the actual solos, if wanted.)


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