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Kitty wrote:
Fri Jul 02, 2021 2:30 pm
Some people on YouTube seem to think it's supposed to strike up a discussion on eating disorders. Others disagreed, saying that that wasn't a subject that would have been talked about as early as 1972. But you made a comment about thinking it was late 70s with the background music, so do you really that that this may be a bit of a later video? Or are they wrong in saying that it wouldn't be a topic of discussion as early as 1972? Obviously, I have no idea what they would have talked about, not living through the time period.
I can't find where I commented I thought it was late '70's, but if I did, I mistyped, and was probably thinking late '60's/early '70's—as a lot of the decor as well as the music could be, like, '68 or so, as well. No, I think the commenters are right in saying it wouldn't have been a topic of discussion as early as '72. When I watched it, I did notice one of the comments stating it was, and remember thinking, hmm...I doubt it. But I can understand a younger commenter thinking that, with occurrence and awareness of it being so prevalent today.

Eating disorders just weren't a thing back in that time—I mean they were a thing, certainly—but I don't think they were recognized as such, and I certainly don't think they'd have been making a film like this with that focus. I think it was really Karen Carpenter's death later in the 80's that kind of brought the issue of eating disorders to the fore. (Could be wrong on that—if not, it at least brought more attention to it.)

As a lot of the comments are pointing out, the purpose of this one is kind of mystery. :) And remember that it's funded by the National Dairy Council (being an organization to promote dairy sales and consumption). The only thing I can figure is: they were thinking that if a large percentage of people are going to have cereal for breakfast—which would probably involve milk—the more breakfasts people eat, the more dairy they sell. And since teenagers might have more of a tendency to skip breakfast, if they raised that issue up for discussion, that might be a way to target breakfast increases.

If so, that seems to be a convoluted way of going about it. Maybe they were thinking the "soft sell" might be work on teens better than a film saying, "Drink your milk. Milk is good for you. It build strong bones, etc., etc.) Then, on the other hand, Cathy dismissed the idea of cereal right at the beginning (instead of saying "Hey! Yeah!") I don't know... What do you think? :)

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