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Wacky Weather

Post by donnie »

I'll put this in the Games and Fun category, since I have to laugh to keep from crying. :lol:

Day before yesterday we had about 7.5 inches of rain in a space of 3 hours (maybe more, I'm sure a lot splashed out the top of the gauge)—and this on top of saturated soil from 2 months of above average rain.

Anyway my basement flooded, as did many others in town. There were also caved in roads, and a lot of other damage. :( I've got things mostly back in order, but we're bracing for more rain next week. But...thankful it wasn't worse!

And then this morning, this was the scene from my patio...
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Re: Wacky Weather

Post by Kitty »

Oh, wow!! I'm sorry you had such trouble. 😢 I hope not a lot was damaged.

The snow is pretty. We've had weeks of cold weather (which I actually enjoy) but really not much rain apart from the other night (lots of wind and rain in the middle of the night).
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