Encyclopedia of Obscure Silent Screen Performers

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Encyclopedia of Obscure Silent Screen Performers

Post by BettyLouSpence »

I stumbled upon this website last night as I searched up information on Anetha Getwell, the 1919 National Fame and Fortune Contest winner.


https://theencyclopediaofobscuresilents ... dpress.com

There's a load of entries on silent performers I had never heard of. I think you guys would be interested in exploring this!
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I took this snippet from the December 11, 1912 issue of Exhibitors Herald:

https://archive.org/details/exhibitorsh ... page/n1331

There's a bit of disparity between the info from the Encyclopedia, and the info from the magazine. The magazine declares Anetha the winner - the encyclopedia states that Blanche McGarrity was the winner, and that Anetha was the runner up.

Blanche McGarrity -
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Re: Encyclopedia of Obscure Silent Screen Performers

Post by donnie »

Hmm, that's an odd discrepancy. I like the Rangeland title card.

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Re: Encyclopedia of Obscure Silent Screen Performers

Post by Kitty »

Omg! 🤩 Thank you for sharing this.
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