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Has anyone heard of this series? I saw this episode because I'm watching a pack of every bugs bunny cartoon ever, which includes his cameos, and this bizarre cartoon was here. The creator was European, and claimed that he did not realize that his cartoons were racist when contemporary reviews condemned them as racist, which they clearly are. That being said, there were a good amount of Jasper cartoons made between 1937-1947. Here's the one I saw called Jasper Goes Hunting (1944).
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Re: Puppetoons/Jasper

Post by donnie »

Wow, that's really strange and unique. Too bad the content is so racist because it has some entertaining characters and animation. '

I love Bugs. Some of my favorites are (don't know the titles): the one where he forces the hillbillies to do the destructive squaredance, and the one where Elmer Fudd gets the robot to try to destroy him. And any of the with the two gangsters. :lol:

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