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You can put interesting old PSA's and Instructional videos here. Anything similar!
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Re: Public Service Announcements

Post by donnie » Sat Aug 18, 2018 1:53 pm

That was quite interesting! It seems unusual that Daly, a national news figure, would be recruited to do this film for just one region of New Jersey (though a heavily populated one). And I wonder whether a lot of those things still exist, like the visiting nurses. I highly doubt it; I guess expansion of federal government programs replaced a lot of those areas of activity.

Wow, that dysfunctional family... If I were the mother, I would be tempted to take the girl and run away as fast as my crutches would carry me. I'd leave the gambling father to look after the two hellacious boys. :lol:

The beating heart...ok, I'm a wimp, but I could only look at that about 5 seconds before I had to put my hand over the screen. It didn't help that I was eating lunch at the time... :? :lol:

I think that was an ice cream soda at the end.

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