One Man's Family

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One Man's Family

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Have I really not posted about One Man's Family? If I have, I can't find the thread.

This is a really good old time radio soap about the Barbour family. It was on for almost 30 years, and there was even a television show for a few years in the 50s. It was the longest uninterrupted dramatic serial in American history, according to Wikipedia. It's the story of Mother (Fanny) Barbour, Father (Henry) Barbour, and their grown children Jack, Paul, Hazel, Claudia, and Clifford, plus the grandchildren sometimes come into play. It's so addicting, and I love it. It's too bad that only a fraction of episodes are known to exist, but there are still a lot of episodes here to listen to.

The show's makeup is interesting, too, because each episode is broken up into books and chapters. For example there will be The Book of Henry, and there will be a number of episodes regarding Henry's situation. They'll label them like Chapter One, Book One, and the next will be Chapter Two , Book Two until their story is concluded. Isn't that different?
Anyway, I'll put the link here so you can listen to a few. It was suggested to start on Book 71 and go from there. The first chapter of this book is not great quality, but if you listen closely, you can hear the story. The other chapters of this book sound fine. It will be file 29 on this list. ... anklin.mp3
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